Natural Healing

The Spinal Flow Technique is an incredibly fast and effective way to help you heal and feel amazing in your body again. It’s a gentle and holistic approach that is used to heal many diseases, illnesses and pain. Spinal Flow Technique is a blend of the cutting-edge science and healing arts.

The reason why it is so incredibly effective is that emotional, chemical and physical tension is located in the nervous system and this technique allows the blockages to be released and healed.

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The Spinal Flow Technique (SFT) is a very specific and replicable technique based on the 7 gateways of the spine and 33 access points which facilitate healing via the nervous system.

It has helped thousands of clients recover from chronic headaches, back pain, disc injuries, low energy, infertility, digestive complaints, stress, and depression.

SFT finds, identifies and releases layers of physical, chemical and emotional tension, affecting ease in the body.

It also uncovers stored trauma that’s been in the body for a long time, causing blockages, disease, and illness. This hidden trauma resides in the spine or nervous system; finding it allows the person to feel and discard it so that doesn’t continue to block them in life.

SFT facilitates a full rewiring of the brain, and your body relearns what it already knew, to begin with—how to self-heal.

As a result of working through SFT, people experience a Spinal Flow healing wave where every cell of the body feels connected and free.



The first gateway is ‘Awaken’, which is located in the cranium.  The ‘Pause’ gateway is directly below.  The ‘Passion’ gateway is the lower cervical spine and the ‘Centre’ gateway is where the heart and lungs are located. 

The ‘Power’ gateway is linked to the digestive system and lumber section of the spine. And at the bottom of the spine are the ‘Foundation’ and ‘Base’ gateways.

During your initial assessment you will be taken through a set of easy movements to check the function of your spinal gateways. We will also use our hands to feel the layers and types of stress you may be holding in these areas.


Occiput, Brain, Cranium, Cranial Nerves.

The seat of your consciousness.

Physical Symptoms - spacey, dizzy, memory trouble, brain fog.


Upper cervicals C1, C2.

This is the gateway more than any other responsible for the heart speaking to the head. When it is blocked we are too in our heads, thinking thinking over thinking.

Physical symptoms - headaches, low energy, earaches, tinnitus, sleep issues, fatigue, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD. Yes its that important.


C3 - C7

This gateway governs the way you express your truth in the world, how you live your passion.

Physical symptoms - glands, low thyroid, weight gain, high thryoid, insomnia, nervousness, stiff neck.


T1 - T12

This gateway surrounds the heart. The centre for emotions and giving and receiving love.

Physical symptoms - asthma, allergies, coughs, rib pain, high or low blood pressure, heartburn.


L1 - L5

This gateway governs your ability to get things done, be empowered and get on with life.

Physical symptoms - lower back pain, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel, ulcers, reflux, indigestion.



This gateway helps you move forward in life, make decisions and remain flexible.

Physical symptoms - back pain, stiffness, groin pain, sciatica, menstrual issues, infertility, sexual dysfunction, bladder infections.



This gateway is about survival, feeling safe, and grounded.

Physical symptoms - stuck in fight or flight, chronic depression, migraines, vertigo, night terrors, panic attacks, anxiety and fatigue.



Our Bodies are incredible. The fact that they hold tension or stress is actually smart; it’s a smart response to stress in our lives. But what SFT is about is helping our client’s bodies to let go of any stored blockages from the spine and nervous system so healing can happen and to heal. 

Through Spinal Flow Technique, there are 33 areas of the body called ‘access points’. These are areas where the neural tissue meets the vertebral column and are points that, when we access them, create more breath in the body and feel amazing when they have the right contact made with them.

The pressure from these points alerts the client’s brain that this area feels open and free, and then the brain creates more areas that become open which is how the spinal wave is generated.

A ‘wave’ goes through the body to create more breath in the spine, and more movement – this is our true nature.




Spinal Flow is based on the scientific fact that your nervous system controls the function of every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body.

Your nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord, and millions of nerves. While your brain is protected by the skull, your spinal cord is protected by the 24 moving bones of the spine.

Many everyday activities can cause these spinal bones to lose their normal position or motion. This can result in nervous system dysfunction and ultimately, ill health.  The spinal flow approach to better health is to detect, reduce and help prevent nervous
system blockages and creating more ease in the body.


You may feel great after today, you may feel terrible and achy or you may feel no different at all – all these responses are normal and expected.

If you feel no different, don’t get upset, its ok.  It takes time, the same as when we put on braces to straighten our teeth – they don’t become straight immediately – it takes time to make permanent change. 

Our goal is to restore your health and get rid of your symptoms.  This takes time and there will be periods of highs and low – stick with it as overall we are moving  towards the direction of good health.


ARRIVE ON TIME - Please be mindful of your appointment time, we are quite busy. If you arrive late to your appointment, you are missing out on time that we would like you to be on the table. 
EAT WELL - Eat foods that are fresh and unprocessed. This will give your body all the nutrients and building blocks you need to heal and be as healthy as you can.  Gluten and dairy can be hard for your body to digest so advise to keep to a minimum. A diet full of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and good protein is ideal. 

REST - It can often take time to heal and repair damaged body tissues. Be gentle with your body and avoid activities that you find stressful or uncomfortable. Be particularly careful
lifting objects (bend and use your legs) and reduce twisting your spine on top of your pelvis.  You should only sleep on your side or back and its essential for your curvature in your neck that you use a contoured pillow.
MOVE - Without distressing your body, move as much as you can. This will help your muscles, ligaments, bones and joints to heal more quickly and fully.  We are not designed to sit at a computer all day, please move and stretch every 10 minutes when sitting at a computer.
LEARN - Learn about your body, health and the healing process. People who understand more improve more quickly and get greater long-term benefits.


Just as your condition took time, probably years, to develop, resolution will take time as well, though thankfully not YEARS.  

Recommended course of treatment would be 3 intervals of 12 sessions, the first set of 12 being 3 x a week if possible (or more often for debilitating or acute conditions), then dropping to 2 times a week and lastly, 1 time per week. 

We reassess every 12th session and will adjust treatment accordingly.  Every person and their healing ability is unique and individual.



Initial Consultation 45 minutes


30 minute session